Lip Balm - Key Lime + Mint
Lip Balm - Key Lime + Mint
Lip Balm - Key Lime + Mint
Lip Balm - Key Lime + Mint
Lip Balm - Key Lime + Mint
Lip Balm - Key Lime + Mint

Lip Balm - Key Lime + Mint

Our Key Lime + Mint flavor was our first and seems to be a customer favorite also. Inspired by our South Florida origins and made using certified organic ingredients that nourish and protect the skin to keep chapped lips at bay.

Our Lip balms were created with feedback from our group of Early Pioneers. They tested our formulas until we got it right and helped design our lip balm to be oval so it lays flat, doesn’t roll and you finally have a use for that 5th Jean pocket.

So whether you’re braving the ice winds of a winter trek, or you’re dealing with the artificial arctic of office aircon. In the dry heat of an Alpine hill climb, or cycling to a downtown brewery. Hammerstone Lip Balm is with you. Everyday carry for pioneers, at home or in the wild.

Scent: Key Lime + Mint.


Field Notes (lipbalm)

  1. Has a slimline oval shape so it fits neatly into your jeans pocket and doesn't roll away when placing it down
  2. It's soft and flexible but doesn't melt in humidity and high temperatures
  3. Long lasting for about six hours before needing to reapply
  4. Nice, subtle scents that don't overpower. The unscented one really is what it says!

Key ingredients:

A natural compound that is incredibly moisturizing, has natural anti-bacterial properties, and intensely soothing

Vitamin E (non GMO)
Derived from plants and not genetically modified, it's an antioxidant and natural conditioner

Sunflower Oil
Creates a light, non-greasy protective barrier

Hempseed Oil
Non-comodogenic so it doesn’t clog pores and helps draw moisture into the lips

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**fieldnote: real reviews from real people that had early trial products **


Hammerstone was founded in Miami, Florida, and all of our products are custom-made in the United States.

Natural High Performance

Your New Essentials.

The perfect form for your everyday carry.  Functionality that compliments your daily routine.  Hammerstone is everything you need and nothing you don't.

Always prepared.

Glacial snow-shoeing.  Exploring a new city.  Desert camping.  Whatever you're doing.  Hammerstone is by your side and ready for action.

Simple. Natural.

No Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates and more. What's inside counts: and from the very first handmade batches, we've made sure we're made of better. 


From day one, we've wanted to create a brand that was highly functional and will never fail you, combined with well-thought out design and with the most natural ingredients. Your support means we can continue to reinvent the essentials in your everyday carry.

Top Results, naturally delivered

6+ hour moisture, free from any nasty ingredients. Natural protection from the elements.


Soft and Flexible

Specially formulated so it won't melt in humidity and high temperatures.



Flavours and scents that you may not have seen before.  Purely because that's how we roll.