Our Story

Hammerstone Goods was created by Jonny, Phil and James, passionate members of the Everyday Carry community. They noticed that there weren’t any skincare products designed for the EDC lifestyle which values form, reliability and uncompromising performance.

Their philosophy for Hammerstone is simple. Every item you choose to carry with you should be something that lets you approach life with confidence: whether that’s at your desk, or out in the wild.

Jonny, Phil and James started their journey with the everyday carry community, a group known for a deep level of knowledge on preparedness and adventure. The team wanted to harness that expertise and passion.

Hammerstone Goods first range of everyday carry essentials are Blood Orange + Mint, Key Lime + Mint and Unscented lip balms. Inspired by the outdoors, made using natural ingredients and created to provide the same level of design, functionality and simplicity that you demand from every other piece of kit in your everyday carry.


“We’re creating something to make your next adventure more inspiring. It needs to be something that you know won’t let you down. That you’re confident enough to take with you every day, and proud enough to photograph and share with the EDC community. If we’re doing that, we’re doing the right thing.”

James, co-founder


“We asked over 500 everyday carry members what they wanted in their products. Our field-testers told us some simple truths: they want natural ingredients, they want a product that works no matter what, and they want packaging designed for their lives, with carry friendly options for travel. Over the past few months, that’s just what we’ve made.”

Jonny, co-founder


“There’s nothing wrong in wanting to appreciate something that is truly functional, works every time, and looks damn good when you show it off.  We wanted to embrace that."

Above all, we're three friends on a genuine mission to create something our fellow pioneers will enjoy and be proud of.”

Phil, co-founder